While it's true I could have chosen a more arousing preview pic, that one conveys very well that exhilerated feeling I got from my read ^^

Good news, uncensored hentai lovers ! H9E is back ! And with great stuff ! ^_^

Are You Satisfied Now, 210 pages full of fun and of vanilla hentai, is now available in an entirely decensored form :)

I’ve seen mangas with better pr0n, I won’t pretend this is Yamatogawa Quality, but this is nonetheless very good hentai, genuinely funny, cute, loving, original, and drawn with great talent !

You can grab Are You Satisfied Now HERE ! Enjoy !

By the same artist, I also share the great tsundere-based Yanagida-Kun To Mizuno-san volume 1 and volume 2, and also, under another pen name, the hilarious Bousou Shoujo.

I really think Coleridge’s “willing suspension of disbelief” theory can be successfully applied to hentai and adapted to a hentai reader’s circumstances.

Knowing in advance that my reading pleasure will NOT be destroyed by surprise by randomly showing up annoying censorship, I could enjoy much more my read. Much more.

Even stuff not related to the genitalia, like enjoying the vanilla or the humour, was easier and stronger, reading while NOT being wary really changes things !