Librarians are hot, but only in the hentai world v_v

Librarians are hyper-hot in the hentai world :D Not in the real world, though ¬_¬

Aru Tosho No Uta is a simple story about a male student and a librarian (it’s not shota, the age gap is relatively small I think) having great first time sex and – maybe – falling in love.
To make it even better, I decensored it, it was an easy job, the censorship was very low and the artist, Hanpera, had been lazy about the gynecological details, it helped a lot ^^

By Hanpera, I also share Natsu Asobi, School Maid + Sisters Maid and Ikke Danran. All of these belong to a manga called Onee-Chan’s Whisper, but they’re random chapters, I prefer to offer repacks when the chapters are following themselves one after the other >_>

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I’m just making a side remark, this is the first time I added the scanlator’s credits myself in a hentai share, I think ^^
So, thank you Cgrascal for the translation !
This Cgrascal guy must be a selfless person, I still don’t understand why he never places a credit picture or a “I made it !” text inside his releases. Since I shamelessly added a “decensored by Oliver” credit line (I openly assume my Narcissus side), I added above it Cgrascal’s website and name.
But still… if you guys have managed to contact him maybe, would you know if he hasn’t, maybe, considered adding his credits to his releases ? I’m curious :o