Nice, and uncensored :)

Mikasa and Toma, again (for the Index and Railgun links, read that post). They’ve been lovers for a very short time, but they’re as eager as a horny mink can be to become more experienced, fast.
And… And that’s all ! It’s very happy sex between new lovers, it’s well drawn, the heroine is borderline (should I, shouldn’t I, oh crap, I think it’s OK so it is !), it’s fresh, spontaneous, it feels real. And I love it very much, enough to hope several of you guys will love it ! :)

Scenario-wise, this is not entirely flat, there’s a little narrative effort around the difference between being sex friends and lovers, the heroine has a hard time figuring out what she means for her partner. Hey, I have a hint : open your mouth and ask the question, grrrmbl !
This doujin is no news, however, it has just been decensored by Belldandy100, to hell with thick black bars, mwahahahaaa ! Thank you very much, YQII, Thorw and Belldandy, I’m grateful :)

By Takumi Na Muchi, I also share a pack of 4 works, a pack of 3 railgun doujinshi, a pack of 2 Railgun doujinshi, and lastly yet another Railgun doujin.

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