Awesome, simply awesome =) - and uncensored, WOOOT !!

Here it comes ! The AWESOME Groove Tube, by Kemonono, has been entirely decensored by Zee from Z-Hentai, who has definitely deserved to have his own altar in my “great hentai bringers of all time” hall of fame (thank you so much, man ! ^^) :D

Groove Tube is a concentrated pack of Kemonono Goodness :3 This is absolutely HILARIOUS, the characters are totally bold, with a very strong personality, Kemomono will sometimes “transform” them in nekomimi or in almost SD, there’s a Death Note parody… This is SUPERBLY HARDCORE, with very happy sex and numerous extremely energetic scenes with almost invisible censorship…
I’m not even referring to masturbation or sex, but really, you feel good, you feel happy when you read something by Kemonono ^_^
For this, my highest gratitude goes to Fated Circle, my dear esteemed Setebos, and now, Zee :)

By Kemonono, I also share Yellow Pop 1-7 (taking forever to be translated, have faith and patience, everyone) and Muchi To Ha Zai 1-3. Both of them are very funny too !

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