RHAAA that maid was HAWT !!

The scenario is absolute cliché (a young female maid in love with her master, fill in the blanks), but who cares, this is VERY cute and HOT :twisted:

I decensored it, enjoy !

I insist : even if there had not been sex, the facial expressions of that girl, blushing, embarrassed, giving in to desire, seeking a french kiss, passionate, everything about her would have been enough to drive me crazy ! :D

By the same artist, Rico, I also share Koibito Doushi, a must-read too…

Thanks a lot to Simhauu for the translation, I think this is the first release of that person/group ! If you wish to drop him a thanks, here’s Simhauu’s blog !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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