Hentai greatness, uncensored, FUCK YEAH  !!

I guess this really is the time for my favorite hentai anthem : “UNCENSORED HENTAI ABSOLUTELY RULES !! :D

I owe a lot of thanks to Xami, who very kindly uncensored the complete volume 1 of Hatsu Inu and gave me the link so that I could share it with everyone :) (”The more hentai you give, the more hentai you receive“, as I always say)

The drawings are even hotter without those annoying black bars.
Icing on the cake, Xami is going to uncensor the next 2 volumes too !

If you spent the last 3 years on planet Uranus and you don’t know Hatsu Inu, this is one of the alltime most popular hentai mangas there is, thanks to a thrilling scenario super-hot anal and vaginal drawings, with pleasant female characters, and a renowned “Fujino anal greeting” scene :twisted:

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of  of ALL Inu”s works on Hentairules…)

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Read the rest of : UNCENSORED version of Hatsu Inu 1 [English, 155 pictures], by Inu (107 words)