Oh god. That picture. Must... not... try... incest...

This, dear readers, is my most favorite Cuvie work this year, I totally LOVED Imouto No Anna Toko, thanks a TON to Desu and my dear Setebos ! :D

So, I decensored it :)

This manga is a simple story, a brother and sister discovering they’re tenderly in love with each other – and having great happy sex in the same time, incidentally. The drawings are good, very good (and they were very easy to decensor, hu hu hu), with various positions and with Cuvie’s unique talent to draw lines :)

I also brought minor changes to the double picture.
Just a remark : this is really unfair. On the one hand : the whole moralfag clan, boring us with christian (or jew, or muslim, whatever) values. On the other hand : hyper-cute girls, with a candid face and angel-damning hot bodies, calling “oniiiiiiii” the readers ;)

(For MUCH more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of my shares by Cuvie)

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And please, please don’t miss THAT picture, that instantly made my throat dry the first time I read the manga (I won’t comment on other possible physiological effects) :


That picture is the mark of a genious ! You see nothing (just two tits), but the pody position, the mouth, the heavy breathing, the position of the “camera”… All that, is the mark of a genious, Cuvie :)