It's sad that bloomers never got used outside of Japan

More than two years ago, I shared Inner Equal Bloomer. And… I completely forgot about it, the manga is really good, but not unforgetable with my personal tastes :D

That is, until today, when I found that Belldandy100 had entirely DECENSORED it, look at that, suddenly a new 207 pages long entirely uncensored hentai manga, woot ! :woot:

If you’re into juicy details, Belldandy100 also offered other improvements,
– 100% tank scans (he discarded half of the former version of the manga, based on magazine prints, and reedited it with higher quality tank scans)
– Better pictures : a levels correction
– Belldandy100 translated himself the final chapter, that had been left behind and skipped, not translated, in the past

Really, Belldandy100, thank you SO MUCH, you really did a wonderful job, I’m very grateful :)

Inner Equal Bloomer, now uncensored, is available on THAT PAGE, Enjoy !

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