MILF lovers, raise ! *cough*

I’m glad to announce High Nine Eleven (our dear H9E, in short ^^) has finished decensoring a long (185 pictures) and rather good complete hentai manga : Kuchu Kuchu Mama :D
Good job, H9E, thank you ! :)

Basically, one third of the manga is mother wincest, the second third is proud MILFs predating on more than consenting youngsters (my favorite chapters, haha), the last tier deals with either vanilla sex with love or rare chapters in which women are treated like shit.
Graphically, this is nice, women in her thirties in all their glory, oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, DP, and, when it’s uncensored, it’s… YUM ! :twisted:

Kuchu Kuchu Mama is available on THAT page : Enjoy ! :)