a landscape I hope to see some day...

Xami is on a roll, after the 3 volumes of Hatsu Inu, he now decensored a chapter of Tsundero by Takeda Hiromitsu :D

As such, that means : big tits, very happy sex, love.

And, guys, Xami’s roll isn’t over yet, expect more goodness in a close future ^_^ (For instance, he also sent me The Captain And I, by Inu, however I had already uncensored that one myself in Lucky Day 1-4 ^^)

(MOAR ! Don”t miss The list of ALL my shares by Takeda Hiromitsu ! )

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Read the rest of : Uncensored version of Kyuutto Sagyubasu (a Tsundero chapter) [English], by Takeda Hiromitsu (125 words)