Blast it, I totally underestimated the difficulty

When I first read Leisurely Days, I thought “OK, I’m going to decensor that one, this is going to be another piece of cake”.

So, I decensored it. It was a living hell :angry:
Decensoring it hurt my neurones like bitch, so, without being too insistent, I really, really hope you’ll find this hentai manga to your taste, guys ^^

Usually, there are 1-3 zones to decensor per page, and my usual tricks (levels correction, or select-copy-paste-rotate, or select-clone stamp inside selection) do the job. Well, this time… Some pages had 6-7 zones to decensor (just one exception, the gangbang in the last Tayu Tayu chapter – I had decensored the magazine version of it – had even more zones to decensor, another living hell ^^), and the decensoring, though looking easy, proved painful. Several zones required from me to do straight redrawing, something I had always managed to avoid so far 😐
I’m very satisfied with the final result, don’t worry this isn’t an ugly job, but dang, if I had known how much time it would take, I’d have given up before I started ¬_¬

Oops, I was forgetting to give a description. A 30 yo-looking woman, young MILF-looking type, has lots of happy sex with a young stud. Thrilling, huh ? ;) Trust Shunjyo Shuusuke to draw enticing faces, lovely eyes, and great hardcore sex :) Thanks a lot to Desu and Setebos ! ^_^

(For more works by Shunjyo Shusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

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