I'm a fan of Shunjyo Shusuke - for good reasons

And I thought decensoring it would only take me 20 minutes, foolish optimistic man I was ¬_¬
Oh well, it took me 2 times longer, but there you are, with a fully uncensored brand new translated work =)

With most grateful thanks to Desu², Iznogoud (DL link provider) and “father hentai” Setebos, here’s some new goodness by Shunjyo Shusuke :) As always, the drawings are superb, very hardcore “mainstream” (= no anal fisting) happy sex, with proud tits and incredibly arousing faces. However, watch out, there is light NTR ! (I’ll explain below.)

(For more works by Shunjyo Shusuke, Cf. the list of his works on Hentairules)

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So, as I wrote above, the scenario is disappointing (in my eyes, – if you like it, good for you), it contains NTR. If you don’t know the word, I recommend you to google “netorare”, I’ll summarize it as “betrayal of one’s trust/love through sexual relations”. In the current case, a girl is two-timing her boyfriend with another old friend of her, towards who she has feelings and soon very intense sex, but she still won’t break up with her boyfriend, even though he and her lover are friends with each other. Well, you get the picture :roll:
This doesn’t degenerate as “rage” manga (when you feel like nuking one or more of the characters of the manga, imagining the evil things you’d do for revenge if you were one of the chars), but still It made the manga less appreciable to me :(

Just a “bonus rant”, for Pastafari’s sake, don’t let girls dream methods like that are to be trusted :


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