Despite the title, there is no incest, FYI

Despite the title, there is NO shotacon and NO incest, incredible, huh ? Mamacon is the simple story of a super sexy mom (I’d have given her 25 years max o_O) having great sex with her daughter’s male friend.

I first shared it in november 2008, but now, this time, it is uncensored :) My thanks go to Cgrascal and Nayr :)

Shiden Akira is also well-known as being the “father” of the popular Titty Monster, and he also made Naughty Upskirt Angels (available in an uncensored version too !)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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I allow myself to insist, if you haven”t read Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History (AKA the “titty monster” story), do it now, it”s quite fun :)


Ew, lo, and ew !.