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Excellent, and I mean it, super EXCELLENT news ! Thanks to Kyle’s GREAT work, I can now share the UNCENSORED and complete version of Musunde Hiraite, by Takayaki ! :woot:

Why am I so happy ?
– Musunde is one of the CUTEST hentai shares I’ve EVER shared on hentairules
– Awesome vanilla hentai with tons of mutual love and heart-warming moments, not even mentioning the perfect happy ending
– Adult sex : I regret to say the hardest to find are girls around 25 years old, like Musunde Hiraite’s heroine
– It’s complete : until now, I was sharing the chapters 1-3 only, I had missed or forgotten there was a 4th chapter (chain me to a radiator, whip me and talk to me in German, please)
– Fine hardcore and very arousing drawings, and now it’s even better, it’s fully uncensored :twisted:

There are some magical moments, some funny moments, and fucktons of hardcore or cute moments. Frankly guys and gals, go for it :)
And if you know someone still believing that mangas are violent nazi shit, that hentai is the nazi sub-genre of that worthless crap, please have him/her read Musunde Hirate ;)

My extremely grateful thanks are for YQII, Gurumao and Nashrakh from Team Vanilla, and Kyle for the decensoring !

I share many more works by Takayaki, to find them in the mess of my blog (I’m several Redirections Page late), please refer to my Takayaki Total Pack :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai