I LOVE Teri Terio :)

Excellent, another Great release by High Nine Eleven, you rule man ! :D
Here is the uncensored version of a good work by Teri Terio, showing lots of teen sex :)

The scenario is basical (you sleep, I grope you, you wake up, you suggest sex, tons of sex follow), but well, there’s humour, a good vanilla ending, and damn GOOD hardcore and now uncensored drawings ! :twisted:

You may have a déjà vu impression, you’ll be right, Nangoku Basebasu is the first half of a work I shared in may 2009 under the name “Southern Island Bus, parts 1 & 2” (part 1 being the current Nangoku Basebasu). At that time it was another translation, by Rhapfan, that I had shared. The second half is as good as the first present half, so you may be interested in taking a look at the post where I’m sharing it :)

By Teri Terio, I also share Glasses School [228 pictures], Natural chapters 1-2Southern Island Bus 1-2, Hogosha Choki Shucchouchuu and also the decensored version of If We Could Meet By The Sea.

Huhu, I remember, I’m curious, could you vote at the “your fav girl” at the bottom of THAT post ? It’s an old poll, but I’d wish to see my fav girl gain more votes :D

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