I'm rather glad, I managed to decensor color pictures :)

I really like Hanpera’s style, and this precise work more than the others, so, to offer you, dear visitors, a little bonus,
I decensored it :)

I’m kinda glad I managed to decensor the color pictures too, all this thanks to Ero-Otoko’s decensoring guide, if you read this Ero-O, you RULE, without your guide I’d never have been able to do it ! :)

Do you want a summary ? If you’re in love with a girl and she faints in front of you, it’s allright to start doing her, and she’ll want you to continue when she eventually wakes up.
There’s humour, I liked the two characters’ boldness, and the happy sex drawings are damn good too ! I hope youl’ll like that one :)

By Hanpera, I also share Happening Rough, Onee-Chan Mo Issho, Natsu Asobi, School Maid + Sisters Maid, the hand-made uncensored version of Haru Tosho No Uta, Kega No Koimyou and Ikke Danran. Phiew.

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