I like giving news like that :D Belldandy100, a great and talented decensorer, has decensored Mina No Asuka Bon, by Redrop :D

Incidentally, I might highlight that Mina No Asuka Bon is
– one of the best Evangelion doujinshi I ever saw
– full of incredibly faptastic hardcore art
– displaying one of most erotic Asuka Sohryu Langley there has ever been

In other words : FUCK YEAAAAAH !!! :D

Minna No Asuka Bon is on THAT page, enjoy ! :)

This post has been prepared in advance.
Right now, if you’re reading the present message, it means I’m on holidays and trying my best to enjoy it 🙂
There is no internet connexion at the place I’m staying, these are my once-a-year detox holidays (15 days without internet or a computer, ARGH ! GNIIII !).
I really hope nothing goes horribly wrong while I’m away, but if it does : please, bear with it 😉
Enjoy your summer, everyone !