*cling* Insert dick !

Might you remember “Pure Girl“, by the genious Makinosaka Shinichi ? Allow me to give helpful tips : numerous exhilarated bursts of laughter, awesome sex, very good drawings, good vibes, love, erojoules by millions, girls with cute wavy hair, a full manga full of greatness.

Well, the fact is, it’s even better now, the manga is now FULLY UNCENSORED ! Woot ! :

This was the entire doing of Vaizard No Sekai (chapters 2 till the very end, it only took him 7 hours I’m SO jealous, and wouldn’t you want to drop him a thanks ?) and High Nine Eleven (chapter 1). Saying “thank you so much !” wouldn’t be enough, but I’m falling short of words, here ^^ Really, really, I’m deeply grateful :)

Pure Girl, now ENTIRELY UNCENSORED, is available HERE :)

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