I apologize, lol
I apologize for the lame large preview pic, I’ve been wanting to make that kind of picture for YEARS ^^;;

Good news, Sakura Chiru Saku is from now on available in an UNCENSORED version, thanks to Nyakovitch ! :)

I had forgotten the translation was somehow rough around the edges, but my most spontaneous reaction remained unchanged : Oh boy, it feels so GOOD ! Good sex with mutual appreciation between consenting adults, without any psycho stuff in the background ! YESSS ! I have the impression that “satisfying plain sex between adults” is excessively rare in hentai ^^

And if you need to have your memory refreshed, Sakura Chiru Saku is not brand new, I first shared it two years ago in june 2009, two years ago. But well, now that it’s decensored, it’s become much better :)

Sakura Chiru Saku is availble on THAT page, enjoy !

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