Uncensored version of Secret Temptation [English], by Isao

Not MILF, Not incest, surprising, eh ? :D

Despite appearances, this story does NOT contain incest, does NOT contain MILF. This is a simple sex story between a hot busty woman, who’s a friend of the male hero’s sister, making a move on a previously unexperienced promising young penis-wielder. And it’s good like that, there’s nice oral, paizury and vaginal action :)

Thanks a LOT to Cgrascal and High Nine Eleveeeeeen ! :D

Just a note, if you’re picky. H9E had forgotten 1 tiny censorship zone in the last picture. Usually he fixes small things like that in just a few hours (how come someone so dedicated doesn’t get many more thanks), but I wasn’t patient, so I fixed that little part myself in the version I share here.

For the updated list of all my Isao shares, please follow that link =)

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