A stupid but good-looking sister, hey, is that a cliché ?

If you’re a sucker for good scenarii, I’m growing worried you won’t entirely dig this share. A few hints : this is about sister incest, and the sister is almost (sadly, I’ve seen worse several times) as braindead as one can be without losing control of body functions like breathing or controlling innards. Sigh, incest is a cursed theme. But well, despite that, the sex is pleasant for the eye, I have trouble refusing to download a hentai share about a young girl in bikini having good sex ! :lol:
My thanks go to Fayt and Yoroshii, and also to H9E for the decensoring :)

If you want more, by the same artist, I also share Getsukasui Mokukindo Nichi 1, Tricky Twintails Girl, and a pack of 6 other hentai works :3

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