Love that girl =)

A fashionista with bleached hair and make-up, turns into a plainer-looking megane in bikini. And has sex. That description alone would be enough to make me download the manga :D

It was edited by Conan, translated by Schmidt, and decensored by H9E, thanks a lot to them ! ^_^

Out of this manga, I made a picture, in H9E’s honour, my first hentai gaijin 4-koma :D
If that doesn’t ring the slightest nanoscopic bell to you, you ought to read that explanation – it’s a BIG popular meme, even japanese hentai artists occasionally take inspiration from this (for instance). The very first gaijin 4-koma I saw, that made me laugh hard, was this one (and, ironically, this precise one isn’t in 4 panels ^^;;) I also recommend you the Omake Theater, on a related topic.

By Yurikawa, I also share a pack of 4 works, and That White Sticky Stuff.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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I’m too weak to memes (I still haven’t fully recovered from the Pirates episode), I must confess I laughed at my own creation, megane VS fashionista ^^

gaijin 4-koma ! :D