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Excellent news, once again thanks to the great decensoring work of H9E (while you’re reading it – er, but not fapping -, please, have at least a grateful thought for him, hmm ?), here is the UNCENSORED version of Whenever You Touch Me, by Dr P ! :shock:

We’re in for 201 pages of a very nice hentai manga, with various girls (chubby, thin tsundere, airhead, hentai-rape-me-please, and the school nurse who was still a virgin at the canonical age of approx. 25 !!), first they have a cherry loss and then lots of great happy sex follow. The characters don’t have boring unchanging facial expressions, limited to a small range of emotions, to the contrary. Be they “seriously” drawn or done in a caricature manner, they’re very varied, and usually funny. It’s been translated by YQII, bless him :)

There are lots of “POV” shots (as if you saw exactly what the male characters were seeing). Scenario wise, it’s funny, it’s light, there is mutual love, without further complications, it’s very pleasant :D

By Dr.P, I also share the uncensored version of Shinryaku Teki Renai Shugi (201 pictures)  and Ren Ai Stampede 1. Just in case, let’s not confuse Dr.P with DP !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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(80 MB, 201 pictures, English)
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english hentai english hentai english hentai

I extracted this picture, if you live in couple, it’s a free gift for you :)

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