Takeda Hiromitsu, and uncensored, YAY ^^

A Takeda Hiromitsu day is a good day, so what about an uncensored Takeda Hiromitsu day ? :D We owe a lot of thanks to Harco, a kind visitor of Hentairules, he’s the one who did the uncensoring :)

Zettai Zettai Ojou Sama is one of the artist’s best works, IMO. Graphically, there is uniform win and lace lingerie win, astounding faces overflowing with lust, nice action, and the scenario will pleasantly surprise you more than one time ;)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Please note : the pictures of the pictures gallery have been recompressed to a 60-70% smaller size. I personally consider the pictures gallery as the best preview tool there is, not as a way to allow you to leech the original manga, so I have had no problem with recompressing a pack of pictures that were all above 1 MB of size. But don’t worry, in the zips, these are the genuine non-recompressed pictures, in full quality.