Orz, whatever. But still... Fapfapfap.

Haaaa… So much netorare 😐 We may ponder as much as we want with the definitions of netorare and netori, my summary would be : SIGH !
Even if there’s ONE happy wincest chapter, frankly, this manga made me sigh damn too much. Save one chapter in the end, I didn’t rage at all, mind you, I don’t know why ?!? :shock:

It’s a pity, graphically, this is very good, though ! Detailed genitalia, horny girls’ faces, several varied positions…
Oh well, if you dig netorare or you only care for the drawings, I think it should be OK, so, thanks a lot to Desu and Drtybrd, with Gamer325 decensoring one chapter ! :)
I also share a recompressed version, to spare you time and bandwidth.

english hentai

Just to avoid misunderstandings, one last time, let’s be very clear.
In this manga, the men are either
– pathetic imbeciles bringing their own fate down upon them (that was the chapter that made me rage, the rest, meh, who cares)
– or too pure weak idiots lacking resolution and the minimum strength in a competitive environment filled with men with sexual knoweledge, a big dick, and low moral standards
The women, as for them, are
– idiotic chicks unable to resist the dumbest forms of manipulation and immediately slaves for cock
See what I mean, about all this sighing ?

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