I really wish the husband suffered even more

You may wish to read this section of my hentai glossary for a definition of netorare, AKA NTR, if you’re unfamiliar with the term.

Usually when I read a netorare story, I feel really bad for the husband/boyfriend, sympathetic with his pain, and I hate the woman who deliberately betrays him and crushes his feelings. Not today.

Today, the more I read this manga, the more I had a “Shinji Syndrome”, aka “JUST DIE YOU GUTLESS MALE WIMP ! DIE ! DIE ! DIE ! DIE !“. I’ll just say it : true, this is a netorare story, but the male husband more than deserved his lot.

Graphically, this is very good, with pretty little censorship, this is high quality stuff, I believe. As for you, well, do as you like with this manga :)
Please, would you know who to thank for this somehow nice release ?

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The fact the husband brought all that upon himself like an imbecile reminded me of something I read in one of the Discworld volumes, by Terry Pratchett. I don’t remember the exact words, and I didn’t read it English, but it said, roughly :
« the very last thing that will be said before the entire universe crumbles and folds itself like a crumpled piece of paper, will be the words “And what’s gonna happen if I press that button ?”»

See what I mean ? To hell with the temptation to wreck everything just because it’s possible to do so.