Please cf the name of tha picture ^_^

My version of Pure Days had become obsolete, an updated and improved version has been released.
I kept most of the updates that were done, and undid some little others.

On top of all, a LOT of pictures (I don’t have the exact list, but at least 30, I think) were still, actually, magazine scans. And from now on, they ‘ve been replaced with the final and better tank scans :)
Less censorship, better drawings, more tanlines, YAY ! :D

Pure Days [English, 235 pictures, AWESOME] is available HERE, go for it ! ^^

I’ll give you a practical example.
I took the magazine and tankoubon version of a picture I loved… And I created the first “Hentai Game of the 7 differences” ! :lol:
Playing the game is easy, compare this picture, and that other picture ;)

If you want the full list of the improvements, just open the full post.

– a LOT of pages were still, actually, from the magazine scans (I can’t tell the exact number, but it was most probably definitely more than 30 pages)

– I discarded one of the changes of the reedited version (moving a color picture out of the chapter in which it belonged to the beginning of the manga – let that pic stay in its own chapter, in the name of Good)

– Remember the chapter with the tanned girl having sex on a sunny island ? The chapter ends up with the girl meeting again her lover in Tokyo, it takes two pages. These two pages were actually printed on the backcover of the manga. In the reedited version, they’re “as printed”, meaning uglily, two pages stock to each other and not split, and printed in blue ink without corrections. I restored back the images present in the previous version, they were neat, in grayscale, split in two separate images, they were better before. Just for comparison, I still leave the new version in my share, but it will NOT replace the former version.

– since I had already lost 20 minutes comparing the old and the new scan, I could as well waste another minute on stuff nobody would notice anyway, right ? So, I retouched a little bit the cover of theĀ  manga (not replacing, adding a new version, no worries), with a soft surface blur to remove scanning artifacts (I cant really describe better, just compare the 1st and 2nd picture of the manga in my version, looking at the left breast with a 100% zoom for instance)

– I know who to thank for informing me (great job Xavier !), but I don’t know who to thank for the job ^^ Please, if you know who to credit, share the info :)