No, seriously, JAPAN !! :D

No, seriously, JAPAN !! :D
If you just look at random preview pics, you may get the feeling this manga is made of hentai rape : don’t worry, it’s okay, lol. We have a cosplay idol who asks an adult DVD producer to help her filming her next DVD. So that man, glad to helps, brings the cameraman, the condoms, the sexual partners, and films her having sex with a slightly surprised expression.
This is only in the end that girl finally things of asking “why the pr0n ?!?” – I was laughing super hard at this point ^____^

Oh, and graphically, the girl is a petite brunette with a face reminding me of Abe Morioka’s style (check Hentairules, I share – and paid for – nice stuff by this artist), the drawings are close to uncensored and very pleasant as long as you don’t require constant respect for body proportions :)
Just a quotation, a sentence struck me : Ripping stockings is my specialty ! – no, seriously, JAPAN !! :D
This funny and arousing piece was brought us by Eropunch and Eric B., thanks a lot, really ! ^^

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