Fun, hot, original, there are several reasons to love this manga :)

I owe you an apology, I saw these chapters when they were released, and then completely forgot about it, until yesterday, when it came back… Thanks a lot to the persons who told me :)
In short : yesterday I shared the chapter 4 of Ushijima Iinku, even though the chapters 1-3 were also available in English. My bad, mea culpa, mea maximal culpa, please attach me to a radiator and slash me with insults in German language.

As for the manga itself, I had no idea, that is FASCINATING, the manga was made after A REAL WOMAN, cosplaying and all ! I find this just crazy, and that makes it much more arousing too :3 The girl discovers she enjoys cosplaying and having sex with the men around her while she builds her pro cosplayer career, and the rest is simply enjoying the GREAT drawings, with plenty of nice oral, vaginal and DP action :twisted:

Look, you can find pictures of that girl here or there (links kindly given by Sing Si Lip Yan).
I renew my most grateful thanks to Eric. B and Eropunch, this manga is very arousing, well drawn, and highly original, I’m glad I love hentai, there are such nice mangas ! :D

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