ARGH to think the volume 4 isn't fully printed yet ! ARGH !

I didn’t see that one coming, all thanks to Soba Scans, and more precisely to LD, PAnZuRIEL, Njmanga and Ziggy, here is the complete 3rd volume of Velvet Kiss, by Harumi Chihiro ! :)

I hope you’ll enjoy that, and once again, thank you Soba guys ! :D

The plot thickens, unfortunately we’re not yet getting a better glimpse of the bigger picture, for the moment more pieces are added to the puzzle but we’re still left behind when it comes to understanding what the hell is really happening behind the scene. This is both good – good scenario is good – and frustrating.
Graphically, you know this is only ecchi, right ? But even though, I feel I’m a little let down, I don’t know, the characters fighting depression and not being to fully enjoy the moment’s spur has tainted my enjoyment. I can’t tell how it will feel for you of course, but still, at least I’ll have to mention the drawings are VERY good, even with her clothes on the female heroine, with her doll-body and her child-like face, she’s something else.

(Oh, just a note, I cleaned the cover from its white spots and scanning defects.)

By Harumi Chihiro, I also share the adorable Cutie Lips and Koi Wo Suru No Ga Shigoto Desu Volumes 1-3.
And also Velvet Kiss volume 1 and Volume 2 !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Now, just a note, keep your cool, please : the next volume isn’t published yet. It’s currently in magazine publications, chapter after chapter.