I WUVED the perverted expressions on that girl's face !!

In a way, this manga is TYPICAL of the teen girls as I could experience relationships with them. Ups, downs, twists, sudden mindfucks, unexpected treason, but then maybe it was neither unexpected neither a treason, all of it making me ready to develop a MILF fetish later on, lol :D

Look, I can’t summarize the scenario (I have confidence you’ll love the emotional roller coaster ^^), I’ll just comment on the drawings : GOOD ! :twisted: (despite the magazine censorship ¬_¬)
(I made a faint fixing on the pics, they still show ugly magazine printing quality – I’m an amateur photoshopper, not a pro ! -, but at least the background blacks and hair are less annoyingly spotty, cf BeforeAfter.)
Whoever translated this deserves huge props, thank you ! :)

By E-Musu Aki, I also share Let’s Make Love Girl (203 pictures, great drawings and stories) Young Wife Liberation Zone (196 pictures, hot drawings, annoying stories), Mononoke Acme chapters 1 & 11 (decent), Love Hip + Shiina’s Favoritism, and Melty Body (200 pictures, a tiny little bit less excellent excellent art, but more interesting stories).

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