THAT's some of the best anal action I know :D

With MANY thanks to Desu² for the final translation of the 2 last chapters, and to Ryoma who generously commissioned it, here is at last, for you happy folks, the COMPLETE english translated version of Virgin, Volume 1, by Nao Konoki :)

This manga contains a main very funny and inventive arc (showing a strict girl become an ass addict under the crazy influence of two hilarious perverted friends), and a few short or middle-sized stories. Graphically, this is an anal schoolgirls feast, with lots of vaginal action too, lots of groupsex, lots of humour and only happy sex :)

I very rarely vote on my own shares, but this time its 5 stars from me :twisted:
You may appreciate to know the second volume of Virgin [English, 217 pictures] is also available, and its reading is even more agreable, it contains much more “happy sex”

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Read the rest of : Virgin [English, COMPLETE manga, 218 pictures], by Nao Kokonoki (228 words)