Wain No Kachikan (“Sense Of Values Of Wine”) chapters 1-5 [English, 153 pictures], by Fuuga

Fuuga's talent really got better over the last two years

I don’t know how many times I forgot to update my Sense Of Values Of Wine (Wain No Kachikan) share, it’s been ages the chapter 5 was released.

I sometimes thought “oh well, a following chapter should come at some point, right” ? And then, nothing came at all. So ? To hell, I’m uploading it !

it’s good hentai, 191 pictures long, with the best drawings the artist Fuuga has made so far (it took Fuuga a long time to mature into a fully talented professional artist, but it was worth the wait !)

From now on, instead of chapters 1-4, you’ll find the chapters 1-5
on my Wain No Kachikan page :)

And now, with my usual luck in such circumstances, I can predict the chapter 6 will come very very soon ;)

This post has been written and scheduled for posting in advance. When you read this, I’ll be spending a week of holidays by the Northern Sea, bathing in sunlight or, more likely, bathing under the frequent downpours and sheltering from the salty gales of wind.
If I screwed up and some links are wrong, sorry but fixing will wait until I’m back, at the place I’m going, there won’t be an internet connexion (and, as well, no radio, no newspapers, no computers : detox time, woot !)
Have fun while I’m away, everyone ! 🙂

Bonus pic (source) : holidays at the sea as they would have been if God had existed :

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