This story is funny, and very hot :D

When a boy and girl have been friends for a long time and find whatever alibi they can to cling to each other, happy sex with love is just a question of patience !

We avoid falling into boredom thanks to the initial setup (huge blunder, funny shock, excuses, and sex) and to the personality of the two characters. And then, the girl is just too loveable, acceping to play the catgirl with a cat-ears-hairband, asking for a good rape, falsely submissive… Oh, she was hot :D
Thank you very much for this, Yoroshii :)
Just a note, didn’t you find there was something strange about the girl’s eyes, as if she had myopia ? O_o

By Jun, I also share More Of Less Love, the uncensored version of It’s Mikawaya, Take Your Mark, Purity Before After, Pervert Curiosity, Mutual Love Seen Through The Window, and Through The Wall, a neat and uncensored One Piece doujin

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