Welcome on the new server :)

I finally made my move, and transferred Hentairules.net to my big shiny new server :)

The previous web host was becoming incapable of handling hentairules.net, gallery-dump.com and the gallery-dump forum, and the variety of other sites to which I’m also providing hosting, plus a few other small sites of mine.
So, I moved !
True, there’s a slight difference in hosting cost (aaaaaaaaaaargggl), but it’s not as if I had a choice, and the server is a beautiful beast =)

The new server is also much more secure than the previous one, from now on, even if a website gets infected by something, it won’t be able to contaminate all the other websites I’m hosting (I finally understood why this was called the #1 liability of shared hosting, it has cost me countless hours of sleep between august and november).

Things have been edgy this afternoon while I did the final post-move adjustments, but I think that now everything should be in order.

Please, if you notice broken or strange stuff, can you report it in a comment ?

Lastly, a poll. Sorry, I need to know :D

Do you see a speed improvement, now that you’re on the new server ?

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