I lost count of the number of faps I gave

Woot ! A new Gunma Kisaragi manga is complete ! :kickass:

With due thanks to Ryuu No Tamashii, Conan and Fuke, who all did a great work, at the cost of several hours spent on it without a doubt, here is your candy, everyone :beer:

Welcome To Tokoharusou deals with the usual Gunma themes, an average boy with an endless sex drive, has unreasonable success with the ladies, who all want him. There is no drama since the girls accept to share, and the boy could forget all past engagements in exchange for a new fuck. And the rest is carefree situations.
Where Tokoharusou differs from the norm, I could say, is that, at last, Gunma thought of adding a bit of humour to make the ridiculous less annoying, to make the scenario bearable. There’s a pervy ghost (high five, old man !), a hopeless young tsundere, careless minor male characters, and a surprisingly good and totally unexpected ending, lol ^_^
The only (expected) downside : love and deep feelings are forgotten behind.

As for the art, this is Gunma. Frankly, if I were to have my penis in hand (cmon, we’re talking about porn, right ?), I could never manage to reach the end of the manga, and I can only tell this of Yamatogawa and Royal Koyanagi. Super duper ber awesome drawings (watch out, magazine whiteout’ed), nothing less.

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Just a note for the hentai geeks, there was an initial version of some of the chapters, that were translated from Japanese to Spanish (with something less good than Google Translate), and then from Spanish to English. This is NOT the version I’m sharing, I’m sharing the good English version, born from Fuke’s admirable dedication. Fuke expressed a strong opinion on this matter, you may find it interesting to read.