FUCK YEAH ! I loved it =)

The day that one becomes available reprinted in tankoubon form, with much weaker censorship, don’t count on me even if the server of Hentairules.net comes crashing down, I’m officially resigning from all human interactions for a pair of hours, with lotion and handkerchiefs on the ready. Oooooooh fuck yeah.
And already now, jebus, THIS WAS FRIGGING AWESOME.

Let’s behold the magic of booze, two girls, two boys, college students, and suddenly – ORGY ! The girls are voracious, the boys are inexhaustible, with oral, vaginal, anal, 2×2, 2×1, combos, and they even go steady after this, providing us a last arousing scene to cherish in memory.
Hats off, seriously :jap: And a gazillion thanks to Saha and Donkey Kong !

By the same artist, Meme50, I also share the EXCELLENT Chome Chome Otome (212 pictures), Limit Break!! (212 pictures) and Momasete.

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