Hello everyone :)

This is a small post for all the kind persons who are cool enough to take some of their time to report feedback with some stuff on Hentaiweblog :)

Don’t take it badly, but I need to highlight something : unless you provide enough information, your precious time is wasted and your feedback is of no use. Which is a sad waste :(

For instance : the file hosts. In 2008 already, I was explaining that YOUR personal situation is in no way bound to be everybody’s situation. And yet, some file hosts definitely fuck around with some categories of people (lots of Americans, lately, are punished for having such massive dicks at the heads of their country). In that case, to take an example seen recently in the comments, a report about a filehost not working after the timer ends are only useful if you report your country, and tell if you tried the usual (other browser, waiting 20 minutes before trying again, etc…).

Skipping to another suject : the file hosts and the shitty bandwidth they provide, as you can see, I’ve tested a lot of them recently.
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Summary : in the short term, most filehosts are in pain, nobody can absorb the crazy traffic resulting from the disappearance of the biggest filehosts ever (megaupload, filesonic, and a few others) and its move to previously much smaller filehosts, it’s a whole ecosystem that must rebuild itself while facing financial hardships. And, me, because I have so many other things to do other than reuploading and because I’d love to provide at least always one working link in my shares, I’m working on building a “self-hosting my own files” solution, but I have troubles making a “cool solution for everyone” that would be financially viable.