Fuck a plump girl and be happy :D

Butt fetish is a good thing, and I have the impression a vast part of this manga is about it :D Don’t worry, this isn’t everything of it :)

So far, there are two girls, one plump with big tits and butt, slightly dumb, the other girl being thin, energetic, small tits, rather tsundere type… and the drawings are well-done, with lots of “POV” shots (as if you saw exactly what the male characters were seeing). Scenario wise, it’s funny, it’s light, there is mutual love, without further complications :)

I also fell in love with one of the dialogues, I think I’ll never forget it :
“I love your butt ! Please, go out with me !”
” Yes !”

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Read the rest of : Whenever You Touch me chapters 1-4 [English, 76 pictures], by Dr P (97 words)