World Is Mine [English, 166 pictures], by Oohashi Takayuki

"yet-another-manga-thats-full-of-fuck.jpg" : the picture's name says it all, right ? ;)

What can you expect from a manga starting like this :
« Year 3012. Worse than global warming and the disruption of eating habits, there is a severe shortage of sperm. » ? Not much, allright :lol:
Later, a swordfight : « the gravitational waves I release from my saber are equal to 1000 36-page doujins » Jackie-chan time.

As for the rest, well… this manga is full of fuck, seriously. There’s bits of futa, of hentai rape, of creatures, of groupsex, of this, of that, with massive penetrations all along… I barely liked any of it (truth is I quickly resorted to fast forwarding my read), but I imagine there’s stuff to like for many persons still, in this 166 pictures long volume.
Credits are for Xenexenegis, GJustG and Afro Thunda, thanks for yet another contribution :)

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