Hi guys,

I’m trying – without success – to find if there’s a program for my needs, I’m asking here just in case someone can help :)
I’d like to be able to safely encrypt, or lock, one or a few specific folders on my hard disks, so that nobody but me accesses them. Invisible or not, I don’t care, but not browsable.

That would be my porn collection (my first son is almost 4 years old, he’s now clicking happily everywhere, I don’t want him to stumble upon a gaping creampied uncensored pussy by accident), and a few personal files, for instance.
The trick is : if, some day, I have to reinstall my OS (be it windowsXP or Mandriva Linux, a motherboard replacement requires an OS reinstallation), the files MUST become accessible again, the protection must be easily reversible.

Would you know if a program to make it exists ? I couldn’t find it, but I risk nothing in asking ;)