Hello everyone, I’ve got a fast question to ask, maybe YOU would know ? :)

I have an mp3 file working great, except that, instead of ending correctly, it continues with ten seconds of silence followed by an ear-crushing buzzing sound.
Simply said, I’d like to select-and-cut this part from my mp3 file.

BUT the problem is that, from what I experienced over years, when you open an mp3, edit it, and save it, the file is recompressed (compressed again), resulting in a new loss of information, thus a loss of quality. I tested it with my beloved GoldWave (that I regard as the VirtualDub of audio files, I’m biased toward the program’s v4 rather than the latest v5), and, once again, recompressing resulted in differences in the saved file’s sound curves.

Of course, I could save the file in lossless audio formats, but, well, ideally I’d like to keep all the files of a folder in the same format.

Please, would you know of a program likely to perform a lossless mp3 cut-and-save ? Thank you if you can help !

BTW, thanks to everyone who helped with my previous software recommendation question, I finally opted for SyncBack, it works wonders :)