Huhu. Laugh, if you may. Laugh. That was the only funny part.

Yamato Nadeshiko stands for “perfect Japanese woman“.

However, in the present case, I’ll suggest better titles :
– “dumb fucking cow“, or
– “despicable dirty whore

Take two lovers, let the girl go study in a faraway country, and then, as ordered by the rules of netorare, she turns into a proud cumdump, to the netorarist’s lifelong joy and to the former boyfriend’s despair. SIGH.
Graphically, despite the low resolution and censorship, it’s theoretically good. As far as I was concerned, I couldn’t enjoy it at all (& the end severely lacked rusty knives, taser guns and a flamethrower), but, to all netorare fans, have your way, it’s the real deal !
And credits are for CoNTRa (mind the caps) and Qbtranslations.

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What real life lesson could be pulled from that one ? I see various possibilities :
– lock your girlfiend in your basement, it’s safer
– don’t trust your GF knows what sexual ecstasy will reach after only a few shots together. Don’t let competition teach her what it’s like
– better lock her up anyway even after you’ve had time to really find what peaks an orgasm can reach
– you have suspicions of any sort ? Bring heavy weaponry, just in case

If YOU see better “real life” lessons to throw, sure, do it in the comments :D