a gaping pussy invitation, indeed

Don’t run away because of the cover, only the comedy scenes in Yellow Pop contain furry ! :D

Yellow Pop, to be frank, is yet another of these hentai UFOs. There’s a crazy but not so unusual scenario for chapters 1-2 (a female creature needing lots of sex with a human), followed by a chapter with a more trivial scenario, served by highly unusual drawings. The female faces become extremely wild during sex, the bodies become athletic, anal and vaginal… If that style is to your taste, then you’re in for a treat !

There’s just one annoying point, the low picture res – but we can’t help it :-/

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Yellow Pop chapters 1-2 + a 3rd chapter from the second half of the book [English, 75 pictures], by Kemonono (72 words)