EXCELLENT ! And it was faster to come than Duke Nukem !

Exhilarating. Joyful. Crazy. Self-parodic. Incredibly creative. Hilarious.
Such is Yellow Pop, by Kemonono, a piece of art that I’ll cherish :D

The sex isn’t all great graphically, slightly not as good as in Groove Tube (195 pictures, Uncensored) and Muchi To Ha Zai, the other works by Kemonono, true. But that doesn’t matter, the drawings are just too creative and original, the stories are impossible to predict, this is just too fun to read :D
I can’t find enough words to recommend you the works by Kemonono, go for it ^_^
All thanks are for Conan, RaikenTB, Tadanohito, Schmidt, Nicchi Scans, Aoi145, thank you SO much for this whole manga’s completion, even if it took over 3 years =)

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