I think I owe more or less everyone an apology about yesterday evening.

I shared something that I shouldn’t have, and later on I hurriedly removed it and killed its links when I saw that was a problem : “My Mother”, by Kou Takasugi. This complete manga has been translated by Tadanohito, with that particularity that the manga was still, for the moment, strictly reserved to the very kind donators who funded the volume’s translation.

I see no problem with the donators enjoying a well-deserved temporary privilege, I should have checked my sources (and then seen it wasn’t public yet)… I screwed up, no way out of it.

So, @Tadanohito, his donators, and also @the frustrated visitors who’ll have to wait just a bit longer (unless you start also donating to Tadanohito’s rightful cause ! :razz: ) : I’m sincerely sorry :)