Takenoko Seijin is really coming back up in my esteem ! :shock:
– Until then, I saw two traits in Takenoko Seijin’s hentai. 1 : the heroine gets attached to one “good guy”. 2 : The girl is dominated by bad or selfish assholes who take advantage of the fact she is practically braindead and shows as much common sense as a doorknob.
There is a certain “moral” dimension, but there’s also a strong scorn for women, all in all, this is powerful facepalm/rage materials.
– That was still the case with the chapter 1 of You Are Just A Maid, and yet the open ending left me with slight hopes
– And, at last, after strongly playing with my nerves, the chapter 3 ended taking the proper route, YAY ! :D

I won’t enter into too many details (people spoiling a worthy scenario deserve swift punishment), but there IS depth, intelligence, love, courage and pride, in this story, both bad and good guys aren’t as simple as they look, and chances are you’ll feel really good by the end of the chapter. Me, instead of raging as I feared, I was overjoyed :)

Oh, and the drawings, they’re excellent, very well drawn and very arousing despite the censorship bars, just for that I strongly recommend you this manga too :)
My oh SO very grateful thanks are for Red Vodka and Mraky Mrak, from Little White Butterflies, it’s not so often that I’ve got some hentai worth good faps and good thinking :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version) and Falling Rain.

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