(If I were a journalist and Hentairules.net was a newspaper, I’d call this post a column, let’s just say I was in the mood for a few off-topic lines ^^)

Do you know the worst thing with coffee ?
The worst thing with coffee… is that it works ! :D

It’s possible to ruin one’s health and sleep only rare hours at night, thanks to the magic of hot strong sugary coffee.
No need to sleep.
Moar internet. Moar living. Moar doing things. More music and movies. More time wasted. More pr0n. But more zombie impersonating during daytime.
Sure, entropy still wins (second quotation : ouch) and a new day comes, but we’ve fought !

I still can’t figure if I feel jealousy or compassion for the persons sleeping 8 healthy hours every night ;)

Oh well, you know what, LET’S MAKE IT A POLL :D

Frankly, whose side do you belong to :

  • Sleep is for the weak. Coffee, tea, anything, less sleeping is more living. (26%, 150 Votes)
  • I sleep enough, I stay healthy, and I’m not a daytime zombie, mwahahahaaa ! (37%, 211 Votes)
  • The half-baked answer : a mix of a two. Meh. (37%, 208 Votes)

Total Voters: 569

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