Isn’t it the first time Kuroki Hidehiko draws highschool girls having sex ? O_o (Not that I’d want to complain :D )
So, with a slight delay (I totally missed the release of this volume, thanks a LOT to Morgoth666 who shared a link to it in the comments of another post !), here is a new tank by Kuroki Hidehiko :)

In this volume, we’ve got 30 years-old-or-so married women (I don’t mind adultery, but maybe you do, better know of it in advance) and (in 4 chapters) highschool girls. All of them have carefree happy good sex without worries (oral – oh those lips !-, vaginal), with rather good-looking caring partners who make them feel good. Each chapter is a single story with commendable attempts to add some spice to the sex.
The art is really nice, the girls are “normal”, precisely, not drawn with a weird style. Lots of french kissing, of smiling, nicely large (but not unreal) breasts, two pages with flaming redheads (200 more pages with redheads wouldn’t be bad either)…
I liked it a lot, I hope you may enjoy it too !

Once again, my gratitude goes to Tadanohito and all his kind donators, thank you ! :)
By the same artist, I also share 33 Years Old Lusty Housewife (197 pictures) and 32 years Old Unsatisfied Wife (207 pictures).

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