Funny idea, search "facewall" on google images.

Sometimes, I share what I deem to be “facepalm material”, stories that are stupid, not enough to make me rage, or despair, or feel emotionally touched. No, stories that are just so stupid I wish they were not written and drawn at all. That make me regret mankind is a specy in which such stories can be invented.

Now, guess what I think of this share ? :D
There’s no raging, there’s no definitive conclusion, no shocking ending, but RHAAAAAH ! >_<

Oh, and graphically ? Good consensual adulterous outdoors sex, between a woman between simply adult and MILF, having sex with a bunch of guys. Orz. The woman is drawn with very large breasts and – in my opinion – abnormally large hips.
Thanks to StefanPL, who commissioned it from Saha, for the release, I’m sure lots of other persons, unlike me, won’t bitch about it and simply enjoy the share :)

By the same artist, I also share Girl Director, Gal Ooya + Gal Beach, Tennen Koubo, Boinzuma, Married Investigator’s Chinkenpo and, really better, Mama Goto.

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